Extracting data from fillable PDFs

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Extracting data from fillable PDFs

Art Kendall
There are expensive ways to create a fillable PDF. Adobe sells one, the capability is built into WordPerfect, etc.  But there did not seem to be a free way to extract the data. Some time ago Jon was kind enough to write Python within SPSS way to extract the filled-in data from a folder of filled-in PDFs.

The attached ZIP file contains
(a) a folder with some examples of filled in PDFs
(b) a folder for using Jon's Python in SPSS to create a delimited text file and an example of SPS to read the target file.
(c) a folder for using Python in standalone mode
(d) an empty fillable PDF so you can fill in some made-up results
(e) an example of the target output file containing delimited text.


 an EXE file for "compiled" Python for the standalone version  is at
Art Kendall
Social Research Consultants